Inquiry Based Learning

Never Stop the Natural 'Why?'

The Natural Why

Inquiry Based Learning in OPEDUCA is about the unrelenting question 'Why?'. First with their eyes then later when they manage to speak, this is the most elementary signal one can utter, the base of learning itself. Although many (let's be real, most) schools drifted far away from honoring the Why, it is where students in OPEDUCA start with and never let go of again. They further develop this essential aspect of being human, enrich it with skills and competences and keep it in their system for the rest of their lives.

The 'Why' is about the for parents sometimes nerve-wrecking daily practice when dealing with their sprouts. Giving answers is hard to hold on to. A sight of relief when the awaking mind can be handed to teachers at least for some part of the day. And then? Will the little 'want to know all' then find itself in a warm bath of answers, discovery and further Why's or will it turn out that the learning for the moment is parked away in a school?

Studying future defining themes we respect students' natural inclination to question all around and within them. 

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