Personalized Learning
Personalized Learning comes natural and most logic in OPEDUCA. It is a pathway for learning the students will build and follow, intrinsically motivated. Showing evidence of their progress and achievements, because it is not somebodies else's order to do so but their Right.

Personalized - How else?

We as human beings, we learn - there is nothing to do about it, we can't help it. From the moment we are born we start learning and there is nobody that can do anything about it. Let alone do it for you.

Yes, we can feed and stimulate a persons' learning through an educational process, very much so. But when we start organizing and prescribing that learning and educating, putting it in boxes, frames and regulations, then having to measure the shortcomings resulting from that function, then we have a problem we can refer to as 'present day schooling', for that is what schools ran into. But rest assure and don't pay more attention than a gentle smile to those claiming that schools should now rush into "personalized learning" by their command and expensive ideas. No need to - the child is learning, and it won't stop.

OPEDUCA is Personal

Students in OPEDUCA own, plan and direct their learning, they present their progress and achievements - who else can? And yes, they also do their tests and will answer your questions, though doing so to show you what they are capable of. Not because you tell them so or force them into it - they will because it is their right to do so.

Teachers can rest assure that in OPEDUCA they can, as the students do themselves, keep precise track of study-results, also through the traditional lens of curricula and examination demands. It will take some time getting used to, but they as well as parents will meet a personalized-learning environment (in real life as well as web based) that makes it possible to observe, follow, support, advise and track each student. While the learning in OPEDUCA is cooperative, progress and results are recorded and discussed on the individual level. Students eventually develop different speeds, content, and emphasis in their studies. They will show you, full heartedly, where they are and going to because it is theirs and theirs alone to do so.

Personalized Learning

According to IBM, ICT-developments wil lead to the biggest innovation in education ever. Every five years the company produces an outlook for the coming five year period. Check the video to learn what IBM experts see. The future of education according to IBM will be personalised learning through technology for sure. They foresee a near future in which each student will learn at their own level, in their own tempo and in an own personal learning style a, whether or not choosen by themselves, curriculum.

Dr. Sandra Dop
Iowa Department of Education

Personalized Learning is ...

A mastery-based achievement model that allows students to progress according to ability and pacing.

Learner-centered with a focus on collaboration and connection to studentís individual interests, passions, and aspirations.

Individualized, but with learning plans based on currently adopted governmental standards.

Teacher facilitated with student-led exploration of content, selection of resources, and development of collaborative solutions and outcomes.

An incorporation of digital and online resources that accommodates "anywhere, any time" learning in order to maximize each student's growth.

Ultimately... the development of lifelong learners who actively participate in their own academic and behavioral growth, to become independent, goal-oriented, reflective individuals prepared for the 21st Century global workforce.

How many I-pads would I need?

None - personalized learning has nothing to do with any kind of ICT-machinery, we are dealing with humans here. It's like asking what brand or color pencil a student in 1748 would need. ICT in general and PC's especial (whether in smartphone, tablet or other form) can support the operation and tracking of the educational process, sure, it can (not has to) make things easier, but it doesn't define the learning and we should most of all not confuse personalized learning with ICT-supported schooling.

Learning is I, me, myself and I
with You.

Every part of the OPEDUCA-concept, each program-element and activity, is social, cooperative, very often peer-to-peer. It is learning with other people, of the same age, younger and older, near to the student or far away. But a the end of the day, it is the 'I' that learns.

"For example, adaptive software that leads students through English/language arts or mathematics on a pace set by their own abilities fails to force students to ask questions about that material, contextualize it in real life, or communicate about the concepts with others, The same is true of collaborative projects where restrictive guidelines result in several, nearly-identical finished products across student groups."

Chris Lehmann