Organisation of
The OPEDUCA Project
OPEDUCA is not organised in a classical way, has no 'head office' or hierarchy. It is a pure cooperative, more than a network; it presents the joint insights, energy and activities of people from all corners and levels of society. In a range of regions worlwide we work from a shared vision and a set of shared, guiding principles. What is presented on this website goes for each and every one.

The way The OPEDUCA Project is organized, on the local, regional, and global level, will be presented in more detail as the project unfolds. Some organisational guidelines (in random order) are as follows:

The OPEDUCA Project has no time-limits: the addition 'project' refers to coordinated and cooperative action to reach a goal in the long perspective.

The organisations contributing to The OPEDUCA Project operate in a network.

The coordinating mechanism is 'concentric', not hierarchic, based on a continuous exchange of thoughts.

The actions in The OPEDUCA Project are output- and result-driven.

Research serves progress and societal meaning as well as results and impact, not primarily vice versa.

Below are a few texts to further assist you to get a feeling and more understanding of how we think, thus organise ourselves.

OPEDUCA is Everybodies Child

Although originally created by the RCE Rhine-Meuse and adopted by a range of other RCEs regions around the globe (an RCE is a regional NGO-alliance of schools, industry, science and regional governmental bodies, acknowledged by United Nations University), by now many more organisations work with and coordinate OPEDUCA in their part of the world. It is not about who we are, it is about what we do, OPEDUCA is and always should be ‘nobodies baby, every bodies child’; in every region a different organization is behind the project, therewith not putting itself on the foreground but the togetherness of a shared vision and joint activities.

No hierarchy

People cooperating in OPEDUCA cooperate, not because ordered to do so or driven by any other force then their own conviction. OPEDUCA is meant to be built further by all those that can make a contribution and are willing to act, to move forward through concrete actions.
We rather think in circles then in hierarchy, circles of cooperation created and manifested bottom up, operating in local society and from thereon linking and working together on a global scale.
What we share through OPEDUCA are guiding principles, things we all believe in as being essential and crucial for our mutual strive. Such intrinsic drive and conviction does not require hierarchy and people placing themselves higher than the next man.
A Man on the Moon

The OPEDUCA Project has no time-limits: the addition 'project' refers to coordinated and cooperative action to reach a goal in the long perspective.
Inspired by Kennedy's famous speech May 25, 1961 before a Joint Session of Congress, when he launched the ambitious goal of sending a man safely to the Moon before the end of the decade. Not knowing quite exactly how and with what means that goal could be achieved, he called for a major joining of efforts from all kinds of people and organizations.
In OPEDUCA we strive for the long term development of education in the interest of all people and a sustainable world. There can't be a limit or strictly predefined plan for that.

From the perspective of a Network, The OPEDUCA Project functions as:

A Pedagogical Approach Network

An Innovation Promotion Network

A Professional Learning Network