General Principles 
of OPEDUCA Learning/

Young people's education on future relevant themes in OPEDUCA is defined as active-, inquiry-, problem- and community based learning. We here present these principles in general wording, referring to our research-pages for more in depth reasoning (available as of June 2021).

OPEDUCA-essence that regards the young, from birth on, as an unstoppable, unbridled learner.
What is understood as '21st Century Skill', 'ESD Competences', 'Deep Learning' and other contemporary (innovative) priorities is integrated in the baseline of OPEDUCA.

Active Learning

All too often schooto the continuous flood of educational reforms and commercially driven improvements outsiders want to impose on them. In the analogy of the Christmas tree, an OPEDUCA-based school is just an always fresh, green tree with deep roots in the sound ground of culture and the environment, nourished by and breathing humanity.

Inquiry Based Learning

In OPEDUCA Inquiry Based Learning is based on the ongoing research- and question driven learning process of pupils and students. A process starting out from their identification and basic study of future relevant themes.
The Inquiry Based Learning process directly intertwines with the aspect 'real life learning' and 'community based learning' as students for a larger part and eventually most of the time thoroughly study a theme in all its aspects, taking in facts, practise and experience from outside their school and textbooks.
Inquiry Based Learning in OPEDUCA is incorporated to its full extent in the 'Flight for Knowledge' Program Element.

Problem Based Learning

Less strict, the same goes for Problem Based Learning where the art lies in the application of involved guidance, not teaching or lecturing. As introduced and reported on from practice, each OPEDUCA-instrument has aspects of Problem Based Learning as a pedagogy, however ‘Problem-based’ primarily refers to the authenticity and relevance of themes and elements studied.

Community Based Learning

In OPEDUCA embed their learning in the community. They explore, inquiry and draw on sources within their reach in their own habitat. A learning that goes beyond projects in welfare or care-taking: Community Based Learning in OPEDUCA is about seeking and using all the possible sources of knowledge and experience the community offers. Thereto pupils and students actively participating in the community, but their activities are driven by their learning demand and based on intrinsic motivation.

A learning- and Education continuum

Activity Based Learning
Inquiry Based Learning
Problem Based Learning
Critical Thinking
Entrepreneurial Learning

Individual Learning
Personalised Learning
Collaborative Learning
Social Learning
Community Based Learning

Active Learning
Real Life Learning
Transdisciplinary Learning

Environmental Education
Entrepreneurship Education
(Global) Citizenship Education

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