Community-wide education being found conceivable and practically effective if building on learning-processes instead of institutions and regulations, such opens perspective for an essential quality and added value of ESD, being the realisation of a local-to-global learning sphere for students.
Where the school is positioned as nexus of learning in the own community it provides a solid foothold to reach out and structurally connect the ongoing learning pathways around the globe to further effectuate the transformative potential of ESD.  

allowing students to tap into the best of knowledge across the globe
Sharing Best Knowledge

Concurring that social consensus on what is considered (un-)sustainable and what constitutes progress can differ across cultures, countries and regions, we consider it most relevant from an ESD perspective to have students experience how objective the ‘knowing’ about these is, which (normative) valuations play a role, how people (re-)act towards sustainability.

making a people-to-people development of ESD possible
ESD to All

As the possibility of ESD-based Education is clear and obvious, the probability of its broad application depends on the schools’ and their Partners in Education’s capacity to rise and find a way forward beyond the commanding realm of contemporary policy-development. Also for this the manifestation of a local-to-global learning sphere for ESD will be essential.

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