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Brunssum - Netherlands
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- Drinking Water

EMMA College is a school for secondary education in the town of Brunssum, Netherlands, characterised by its mission to offers students an attractive and challenging learning environment. EMMA offers both theoretical as well as very practical education aimed at directly connecting to the world of work.

OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge
Coming from the Arab World and now since a few years living and studying in the Netherlands, a group of students from EMMA College (Heerlen location) took the initiative to share their studies with peers in Qatar.

The students presented their study to each other but also to the School Management.
Specific focus was found questioning the source, quality and taste of bottled water. After a visit of the regional drinking water plant gaining more insights and knowledge, the group found that, although Dutch water is of very good quality, drinking water does have different effects on people from different origins/regions.

The inquiry based learning process started with some brainstorming and desk research on the world of water, seeking out where further questions could be brought up, step by going into more detail. Categorising the whole field of knowledge in in aspects as Source, Use, Human Influence, etc. Information and answers were found on the street, from families, on the web.

Guided by their teacher Agnes Gregoire, the students first did a general study on the world of water, using the OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge approach to identify relevant sub-themes and go in an inquire based learning approach to further explore. Eventually the group found themselves fascinated by the aspect Drinking Water, especially where it comes to the influence of its use on the human body. Discovering different effects and further questions arising, they from there took up the bio-medical perspective.

One remarkable aspect that was found is that the students themselves, as well as their family, seem to lose more hair consuming Dutch drinking water since they came to live here. It seems their bio-systems responds quite differently to what the Dutch people are used.
The different effects of different qualities of drinking water on the human system is now what the students want to explore further with peers in the Arab world.

So join us in our Flight for Knowledge, you're Welcome!