An Open Invitation
for cooperation in OPEDUCA

A cooperation of schools (from primary to higher education), industry, societal organizations, regional governmental authorities and science, reaches out to regions around the globe to join The OPEDUCA Project. Its objective is the creation of a local-to-global learning space that enables todays’ young to be(come) the entrepreneurs of a sustainable society. A clear objective serving a long term aim whereto we open up schools for regional society, connect students’ learning processes with Industry and Science, create continuous exchanges across borders and cultures, re-empower teachers and make learning possible Anytime, Anyplace, with and for Anybody, through Any device.

Starting out from the transformative potential of education, we seek the creation of ‘OPen EDUCational Areas/regions’, OPEDUCA, around the globe.
In an OPEDUCA-region young learners develop inquiry- and problem-based learning on future relevant themes, connecting with partners in their region as well as throughout the international community. Learning as an ongoing process which also develops entrepreneurial skills and competences, based on creativity and a deeper understanding of the regional and cultural context. Learning through a redefined cooperation between teachers and students, building on strengths and challenges across and between regions and cultures, providing fertile conditions for the development of a generation that is equipped to make a more sustainable world become reality.

The OPEDUCA Project is about future based learning and takes schooling decades ahead. Under constant development, but already successfully implemented by teachers and students in todays practice, it facilitates the integration of subjects through thematic learning for the development of skills and competencies that are essential to achieve a sustainable future. Existing requirements, regulations and curricula are met, with OPEDUCA going beyond this by bridging future needs with present possibilities.In an OPEDUCA-region youngsters learn first in their local context with awareness of the specific culture, strengths and challenges their region offers. From their local context in close cooperation with science, civil society and the private sector, they get introduced to the global dimension of The OPEDUCA Project by entering an international learning space. Youth are supported to develop their knowledge, competencies and talents in an innovative, stimulating and applicable way, going beyond 21st Century Skills.

The local-to-global OPEDUCA Project answers to various regional and international policies and programs, such as the UNESCO “Global Action Plan 2015-2020”, “Education for All” and the main policies of the European Union and the World Bank. It targets talent development, entrepreneurship and a more natural connection between the worlds of education and work.

This site is to inform you about the vision and the headlines of OPEDUCA, inviting you to share your thoughts and to also consider how your region can bring together schools, industry, governmental institutions, science and societal organizations to create your own OPEDUCA. From thereon to be(come) an active partner in an international alliance that furthers the creation of a local-to-global learning space for the interest and benefit of the next generation, thus for us all.

The invitation stands.

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