1st Partner Meeting - Graz, Austria - October 30th / 31st 2013
Welcome to Graz, Austria!

The meeting will be held at the University of Graz. The University of Graz, which was founded in 1585, is Austria's second oldest University and one of the largest in the country. Many excellent scientists, amongst them six Nobel laureates, have taught and researched here.

With some 31,500 students and 3,900 employees the University of Graz contributes significantly to the vibrating life of the Styrian capital. Its location in Europe encourages a lively scientific, economic and cultural exchange with South-East Europe, from which not only the city benefits, but also its educational institutions.


The hosting organization has reserved an appropriate number of rooms for all participants at Hotel Feichtinger. The hotel is well-located near the city center. It's about 5 min. walking to the city center and 15-20 min. walking distance to the University.

The rooms are reserved under "University of Graz - OPEDUCA", please, use these words to identify the reservation. We kindly ask you to call directly to the hotel by 25 September 2013 to confirm your stay there:

Hotel Feichtinger
Lendplatz 1A, A-8020 Graz
Tel.: +43 / 316 / 724 100
E-mail: office@hotel-feichtinger.at 
Web: www.hotel-feichtinger.at

You really move people and meet them at the bottom of their heart!
"It was a "wonderful" meeting at Graz. Opeduca project is an amazing project !  We are proud to be part of it and will put all our effort to reach an unprecedent achievement".
Pierre Cocheril Wonderful meeting ! OPEDUCA is now on the way to spread in Europe and build new ways of learning in a cooperative and "pupil's voice " based on methods towards a bright and sustainable future !
Françoise Laveuve It was a really fantastic meeting, interesting and friendly ; it was so much a pleasure to meet everybody, and we are proud to start a so ambitious and advanced project in such good conditions and high level of thinking !
It was a great meeting - thank you for organizing and preparing everything so well. The atmosphere was really open and welcoming. So I took a lot of ideas and inspirations back home and of course a deeper insight in the vision of OPEDUCA. I am really happy to be in the project and looking forward to every further steps.

October 30th/31st 2013 Partners met for the first time - an ambitious project came to live. We can all look back at a most constructive, very pleasant and promising meeting of 35 people from 9 countries that shared friendship and confidence. In merely 24 hours the project outlay has been confirmed, enriched and made into an operational plan for the coming 8 months. Wise decisions where taken and everybody took ownership for the project and its envisioned success.

Anna Körbisch It was very interesting to meet all the participants for the first time!!
Fantastic 2 days - first of all great thank to you for making this meeting happen as it was with enthusiasm and energy, serious discussions and laughing.
From the first moment I had the feeling to meet friends and not people I have never seen before. You really have the ability to open spaces and to create an atmosphere of easy learning.
How authentic for OPEDUCA, which seems not not only being a project, more a culture or a kind of philosophy.
I took a lot of inspiration and a good feeling back home...